• Fire extinguishing control systems
  • Fire Extinguishing Control Panel SQS-101

     SQS-101 is a fire extinguishing control system with comprehensive on-site programming features, projected for a completely individual work, but with the possibility of connecting into the information network (e.g. with a personal computer) via optional interfaces such as RS485/Ethernet/GSM-GPRS,...

    All parameters essential for functioning of the system are programmed by an installer on site via integrated USB port and are stored in the non-volatile memory,  prevented from any power loss.

    Control panel is compatibile with all standard types of fire detectors (smoke, heat, flame detectors), with two-zone dependency applied on the software level. Comprehensive auto-diagnostics feautures, with a  both detecting and activating line integrity control, gives to this system a high level of reliability while operating.

    LOG-EVENT memory (last 1000 events) enables a reconstruction of all important events connected with the functioning of the system, with exact time of their origin.

    Panel is compliant with EN54-2, EN54-4 and EN 12094.