• Analogue addressable fire detection systems
  • Analogue Adressable Control Panel ALPHA 1100


    Each analogue-addressable smoke or heat sensor is actually a microprocessor based measuring device, which transmits, after A/D conversion, the full measured value (obscuration in %/m, or temperature in C °) in digital form to the control panel for further processing. Communication in reverse direction is also possible - in that way the control panel gives "instructions" to the sensors about the way of operating, initiates their testing, etc.


    Each of the sensors, manual call points or I/0 devices has a unique address and represents an integral element of a loop. The maximal number of addressable elements in one loop is 127. The systems of greater capacity are configured with a greater number of loops.

    Each loop is realized as a ring, by means of the two-core cable (not necessary shielded signal cable) whose characteristics (length, minimal cross section, etc) are determined for each application, on the basis of the number and types of addressable elements.

    Savings in cabling in regard to the classical systems are considerable, with an additional quality of a precise locating of fire on the level of sensor or call point.


    The function of auto calibration enables an automatic adaptability of the detection characteristics to everyday changes of working conditions and the same sensitivity during exploitation.

    By defining of fire alarm level for each of the sensors individually, the problem of unequal surroundings in which the sensors work (different working temperature, the level of smoke in normal conditions) is eliminated, and the possibility of false alarms comes to minimum.

    Effective overcoming connected with the problems of improper installations of signal lines is achieved by loop configuration of loop and by application of short circuit isolator.

    ESP communication protocol

    ESP protocol for the communication between control panel and installed analogue-addressable sensors and I / 0 devices very effectively exceeds the traditional problems of analogue-addressable systems with communication in cases of emphasized electro-magnetic noise, by applying error detection method.

    Address settings

    An installer can set address for each of the sensors in range from 1 to 127 very easily, by means of hand-held, battery supplied ASX programmer. The address of detector will be preserved in the case of power loss that is when it is removed from the base

    Control Panel ALPHA 1100

    This modern microprocessor device is intended for processing of analogue-addressable, ESP compatible fire sensors and I/0 devices.

    Signalization of control panel gives a complete review of the system’s state even in the most urgent cases, with a detailed textual description of the status and location of zones / detectors on LCD display.

    It is projected for a completely individual work, but with the possibility of connecting into information network by means of optional communication interfaces (RS485/Ethernet/GSM-GPSR,...).

    All important events with the exact time of their origin are memorized in LOG-EVENT memory, with the possibility of their printing on optional external printer.

    The capacity of control panel is 1 or 2 loops with max. 27 addressable elements per a loop. The number and allocation of detectors in zones are not directly dependable on the wiring structure.

    All parameters important for functioning of analogue-addressable systems are defined on site by means of service PC computer:

    • Textual description of the location of each addressable element (40 characters)
    • Fire alarm level for each analogue sensor individually
    • Zone allocation (allocation of detectors in zones)
    • Type of sensor/device for each address
    • Time for daily auto calibration
    • Defining of inputs’ actions
    • Chart representing input - output correlation (it includes and, or, function of coincidence, and can be related to zones as well as to individual addresses).

    Control panel is compliant with EN54-2 and EN54-4.