• Fire extinguishing control systems
  • Fire Extinguishing Control Panel SQS-101A

     SQS-101A is a derivative of the Fire Extinguishing Control Panel SQS-101, but with incorporated addressable interface module CHQ-FIO, that allows integration of fire extinguishing into analogue addressable fire detection system based on HOCHIKI ESP communication protocol. Such a connection open the space for utilizing of all features of the intelligent fire sensors, with possibility of forming fire fighting systems of huge capacity and benefits and cost saving due to decentralized wiring structure.

    All parameters essential for functioning of the system are programmed by an installer on site via integrated USB port and are stored in the non-volatile memory,  prevented from any power loss.

    Control panel is compatibile with all standard types of fire detectors (smoke, heat, flame detectors), with two-zone dependency applied on the software level. Comprehensive auto-diagnostics feautures, with a  both detecting and activating line integrity control, gives to this system a high level of reliability while operating.

    LOG-EVENT memory (last 1000 events) enables a reconstruction of all important events connected with the functioning of the system, with exact time of their origin.

    Panel is compliant with EN54-2, EN54-4 and EN 12094.